Why does my phone still run out of battery when not in use?

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No one wants to experience a situation where the phone is still running out of battery when not in use. However, this is still a common problem, disturbing the experience of many people.

Until now, smartphone battery-related problems have always made users feel anxious. Because the battery is considered the “life force” of the phone, just a small problem occurs with this part, you will face many troubles and inconveniences on your phone. Unused phone still running out of battery is one of them. Find out with the linkgame to get the best answers and tips.

Answer: Why does my phone still run out of battery when not in use?
The situation of battery capacity on smartphones dropping “without braking”, even though you have not experienced the features on the device, often comes from the following reasons:

Many applications on the device run in the background
Most smartphone users have a habit of not shutting down the application completely when there is no need to experience it anymore. This causes applications to still run in the background and silently drain the device’s battery.

=> In this case, you need to check the applications running in the background on the smartphone and proceed to turn it off. Each smartphone line will have a different implementation. However, with the algebra of Android models, you just need to press the multitasking or virtual multitasking button (left of the Home button) to check the applications running in the background. Next, you can turn off the desired applications easily.

Sofware has errors
After re-running the software with non-standard operation or just updating to a new software version for the smartphone, the operation of the device may become disordered. So, this is also considered as a reason why the phone is still running out of battery when not in use.

=> If you have just updated the software for your mobile phone, you should wait a little longer for the device to work stably again. If you ever update ROM, root, Jailbreak, etc. to your device in the wrong way, you need to run the software again for the device. Alternatively, you can also restore the phone’s factory settings (back up data before doing so) to resolve this situation. The connections on the device are still active.
Do you always turn on 3G/4G, Wifi or Bluetooth, GPS, etc connections on your device, even when there’s no need to use them? If so, the device quickly runs out of battery is understandable.

=> You just need to turn off the connections on the smartphone, when there is no need to use these connections.

Environment temperature
If you leave the device in a high-temperature environment or place it near hot objects, your smartphone will not only get hot, but it can also drain the battery quickly, even if it is not experienced by the user.

=> You need to put your phone in a cool place, without devices that emit heat around.

Hardware damage
This is the most common cause of the phone’s battery not being used when not in use. If the battery on the device has been damaged, the power IC is damaged or some other components are touched inside, the battery capacity on the device often drains uncontrollably fast.

=> You need to quickly bring your smartphone to reputable phone repair centers. The technicians will help you check and identify the correct error to find the optimal fix.

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