The Tesla car suddenly shut down, the driver almost suffocated because he was locked in the car in the hot sun

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A serious incident happened to a Tesla Model 3 owner when he was locked in his car for a long time and had to call someone else to come to the rescue.

The Global Times reported that the incident happened in the city of Shenzhen on May 30. The man, surnamed Wen, said the car suddenly “collapsed” and lost all signal as soon as he unplugged the power cord from the charging point. Before that, he had plugged in the charger for a while but did not see the battery increase.

Wen discovered the car was locked and could not be restarted. Even the emergency lever does not work as it should. He sat for nearly 15 minutes in the car with no air conditioning on and the outdoor temperature kept rising. Despite all efforts to unlock the car, he had to call someone to knock on the window to get him out.

“I was about to suffocate, drenched in sweat from head to toe,” Wen said. He said he bought this imported Tesla Model 3 in 2018 for more than 500,000 yuan (about 1.8 billion dong). The car has never been seriously damaged.

According to the initial investigation results released by Tesla, this problem was caused by an electrical fault in the 12-volt battery of the vehicle, but the specific cause of the electrical fault still needs to be investigated further.

Tesla has expressed concern about what has happened to customers in a notice on the social network Weibo: “We once again want to express our sincere apologies for not being able to be there in time. time to support”

America’s top electric car maker has fallen into disarray after a surge in accidents in China began to dent sales in this potential market.

Statistics from the China Tourist Vehicle Association show that Tesla sold 25,845 electric vehicles in April in China, down 27.15% from 35,478 vehicles in March.

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