Spotify on Apple: “Monopolies always say they did nothing wrong”

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Spotify said that “the monopolists think they’ve done nothing wrong,” and Apple’s response was in line with what the company had anticipated.

Last Wednesday, Spotify made a very unexpected move when it decided to file a lawsuit against Apple with the European Commission EC, arguing that the unfavorable terms of cooperation on the App Store make it difficult for Spotify to compete. fair competition with Apple Music.

Two days later, Apple responded, saying that Spotify was the wild and greedy: “Spotify wants all the benefits of a free app on the App Store, while they are not free and still force people users have to pay to use”.

According to Apple, it is the App Store that has helped Spotify grow “miraculously” over the years, but Spotify wants more than that, continues to be profitable, but does not want to contribute and follow the terms of the application platform. this use.

Well, it looks like the battle between Apple and Spotify isn’t over yet. Recently, in an interview with Variety, a representative of Spotify said that “monopoly will think they did nothing wrong” and therefore, Apple’s response is “totally matched” with Spotify’s prediction. .

“Every monopolist thinks they have done nothing wrong and will argue that it is in the best interests of users and competitors alike. In that way, Apple’s response to the complaint we filed with the European Commission was normal and completely in line with our expectations.

We filed a complaint because Apple’s actions harmed competition and user interests, and clearly violated the law. This is evident in Apple’s belief that Spotify users on iOS are their customers, not ours, which is at the heart of the matter. We respect the review process that the European Commission is carrying out and will wait for the final results.” – Spotify said.

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