Ocmo: a free, super-difficult and super-inhibiting iOS game

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Ocmo, an adventure game on iOS operating system, is available to download for free. This will be an interesting choice for those who want to experience the feeling of extreme challenge.

Ocmo can be played on devices from iPhone 5s and up. At the beginning of the game, you will play the role of an alien creature. This creature takes the form of an octopus with tentacles around its body, using them to move through various types of treacherous terrain.

However, things are not only so simple, but also countless obstacles or pitfalls appear unexpectedly and with a fixed frequency (sometimes dodging all the time, sometimes just a few gentle challenges). , forcing you to “tighten your eyes” to observe, react quickly so as not to touch foreign bodies of water or mucus…

Ocmo is an adventure game with high difficulty. When playing you feel quite similar to the game Badland both in terms of dark environment and gameplay. The game has a very simple control, but due to the physical mechanism, it is not easy for us to pass a total of 80 levels. Each level you will face challenges, obstacles, pitfalls appear everywhere, the next level is more difficult than the previous level.

Before entering each level, you will be guided on how to control the creature, such as tapping the screen to jump, long pressing to stick to the surface…. Read those instructions carefully to know how to move in the game.

The context of the game is also designed based on 2D graphics with cute character creation, but the atmosphere is quite gloomy, so it feels unsafe in this game. The combination of these two styles will bring many interesting experiences for you during the game.

Normally, to own this game on the App Store you need to pay a fee. However, currently Ocmo is free for a short time. So hurry up and download it before this promotion ends!

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