Instructions on how to unlock iPhone by voice

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In addition to unlocking on iPhone by entering a password, using TouchID, FaceID, with the recent iOS 14.6 operating system, you can unlock by voice.
In the current complicated epidemic situation, limiting touching the surface of objects has become even more important and popular. To meet the needs of users, “home” Apple has launched the voice unlock feature on the official iOS 14.6 operating system. With just a few simple steps, you can have more quick ways to unlock besides using FaceID or TouchID.

Step 1: Open Settings > Select Accessibility > Voice Control.

Step 2: You push the button to the right to Turn on the voice command feature for your phone. After opening the voice command, select Customize commands > Select Create new command.

Step 3: You enter the command used to ask the iPhone to unlock in the Phrase section (Note: The applicable command only supports English, it is best to choose the word Open for the most convenient use). Then you choose to Action > Select Run custom gesture.

Step 4: Here, you will create an unlock operation by remembering the exact location of the passcode you have installed and entering the correct position of that password in the unlock gesture creation screen (Note: For the best possible execution of the command, you should set the phone password to 0000) > Select Save.

Step 5: In the Actions section, select New Command > Select Save and complete the installation process.

Step 6: After completing creating the voice unlock feature, to check, you perform the screen lock and open the passcode input> You perform the command (according to the above setting is Open ). The phone will then automatically follow the gesture you created to unlock it.

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