Information technology industry: shortage is still lacking, excess is still excess

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Although information technology is an industry with great demand for human resources, in fact there is still a shortage, and a surplus is still a surplus.
Mistakes in career orientation

At the age of 17-18, many young people have found their own hobbies, dreams, and paths. But besides that, there are many people who really don’t know what they like, what they want. So at this time, the career orientation will sometimes encounter mistakes.

Businessman holds modern technology in hands.

Choosing to study information technology according to the “trend” or like to play games but think that you are suitable for IT but do not know the ability, the difficulties as well as not enough passion, is also “failing”. You can’t study to the end, can’t graduate or if you graduate, you’re at a low level, lack of initiative, you can’t get a suitable job.

Therefore, it is very important to have the right career orientation from the beginning. Especially according to the information technology industry, it also requires patience, meticulousness, and absolute accuracy.

Graduates lack practical knowledge capital

The information technology industry is an industry with constant updating and innovation. What is new today, tomorrow may become obsolete. Therefore, students need to actively update their practical knowledge continuously. When the theory or the formulas in the books are just tools to support the work, in addition, it takes a lot of experience or practical lessons to be firmly established.

Currently, there are many large universities that train information technology, which have focused on increasing the experience time and practical approach for students.

At the University of Greenwich (Vietnam), students majoring in information technology will undergo an OJT (On The Job Training) internship lasting 4-8 months in businesses. Here, students are exposed to the daily work of the company’s employees, thereby enriching their knowledge and practical skills.
Besides, the constantly updated and innovative curriculum is transferred from the University of Greenwich (UK) is also a factor that helps students not be surprised by the development of the global information technology industry. .

Students lacking foreign languages

Foreign languages ​​are an extremely important factor, especially for the information technology industry because most of the documents are innovated and constantly updated in the international language, English. Therefore, students majoring in information technology are only really successful when they are able to communicate and use English fluently.

Not only the information technology industry, now universities that train the economic and technical sectors have also paid more attention to developing students’ foreign language abilities. The proof is that in the graduation conditions, it is necessary to meet international standards in English such as IELTS, TOEIC, …

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