Honda Afica Twin 1100 – a serious competitor of BMW Gs

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On May 28, Honda Afica Twin 1100 officially launched in the Vietnamese market, officially challenging directly with rival BMW Gs.

In 1998, Honda first brought a large cross-country locomotive of its size to participate in the famous Paris – Dakar race – A model using the first Twin engine of the CRF family. This first 1,000cc CRF was named Afica Twin because of the inspiration at the race on the black continent that year.
In Vietnam, the Afica Twin is quite rare because the current ADV market share is almost in the hands of the BMW GS 1,200 model. This seems to be an attractive motorcycle segment because the ADV trend is constantly growing. Along with the Honda Afica Twin, the newly launched Triumph Tiger 900 is also expected to enter this car segment. Before that, the Ducati Multistrada also attracted a lot of attention until the BMW GS appeared.

However, unlike competitors in the same segment, Honda Afica Twin is a car with a much higher offroad tendency. If the BMW GS is almost exclusively for long-distance running and dry dirt roads, the Afica Twin has the ability to “fight” in almost all types of terrain perfectly. Owning a pair of standard locomotive wheels (21 inches in front and 18 inches behind) and large spike tires, Afica Twin seems to be a different experience than its rivals. The high ground clearance is armored to help the car pass easily through rocky or muddy terrain despite the large weight of the vehicle. It should also be noted that the Afica Twin is probably only for bikers taller than 1m70 when the saddle height is up to 87cm (GS is only 82cm).
Determined not to let BMW overwhelm the ADV playground in Vietnam, Honda has just introduced its 2021 Afica Twin model with a capacity of 1,100cc with a larger size than its predecessor Afica Twin 1,000. This new model gives strong on-road ability and is better than many previous skinny 1,000cc models that are suitable for offroad. The new engine of 100.6 hp and 105 Nm of torque creates a shocking shock compared to its friendly appearance.
Mr. Kenji Morita, the chief designer of the Afica Twin – a veteran offroad player who built the car with all his sophisticated offroad experience. As a result, the Afica Twin has a very smart design that can eliminate most of the possibility of mud and dirt in the vehicle – which greatly affects the operation when going offroad. Like every other Honda motorcycle model, the Afica Twin 1,100 is still a friendly and easy-to-drive vehicle that is easy to run despite its beastly power.
The high-end version of the Afica Twin 1,100 is also equipped with a DCT dual-clutch automatic transmission. As explained by Mr. Kenji Morita, “Offroad using DCT can help the driver not need to worry about shifting gears or squeezing the clutch. Instead, the driver can focus more on experiencing other parts of the vehicle. Riding just got easier and more fun.” This version is also fitted with a set of rim spokes for use with tubeless tires similar to those on some high-end BMW GS models.
With a lot of high-end technology and impressive new engines, the Afica Twin 1,100 is priced at 590 million for the standard version and 690 million for the high-end version, a price aimed at competing with 1,200cc models in the segment. ADV track.

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