Harley-Davidson recalled due to headlight error

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Recently, the famous American motorcycle company has recalled more than 31,000 Harley-Davidson units worldwide, including Vietnam.
Recently, the US National Transportation Safety Board (NHTSA) has officially issued a recall notice for a series of motorcycles from the muscle car company Harley-Davidson. Accordingly, in this Harley-Davidson recall, up to 31,346 Harleys have been named because of a potentially dangerous headlight error when traveling on the road.

According to the report, this lamp error on new generation Harley-Davidson models is due to the use of substandard bulbs. This can cause light loss in both headlights and lights on the vehicle while in operation. There have been many models “sticked” with this error such as Sportster, Softail, Dyna, V-rod models in the US and is likely to affect many other markets.

In particular, 14 Sportster models from Harley-Davidson have a high probability of failure such as: XL1200C (2019), XL1200CX (2019-2020), XL1200NS (2019-2021), XL1200X (2019-2021), XL1200XS (2019). , XL883L (2019), & XL883N (2019-2021).

According to NHTSA, Harley-Davidson headlights, if not replaced and used for a long time, can cause overheating, causing the lampholder to melt. This will cause the special gases in the bulb to leak and gradually lose the luminous effect of the headlights. If this happened while the car was traveling on the highway at night, it would be a disaster.

After making the announcement, Harley-Davidson in the US has instructed and replaced the new headlight bulbs for free for Harley-Davidson owners in this recall. In the Vietnamese market, Harley-Davidson is also distributed genuine, but there is still no feedback on this issue.

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