Dragon City: The story behind the dragon city “not everyone knows”

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Dragon City is a childhood for those who once plowed a hoe, but not everyone knows the mysteries behind this story.

In 2011, 2012, when the trend of games on social networks was at its most popular, Social Point released Dragon City on Facebook in May 2012.

Gameplay of Dragon City is also very simple, easy to get used to. You will build yourself a dragon world, starting from hatching and nurturing.

Where do these dragons come from?
Of the 21 types of dragons in the game, there are 2 systems that are the most special, namely Ancient – Ancient, and Primal – Primitive. This means that dragons in the Dragon City world have existed since the very beginning, and that Primal-type dragons are the original ancestors of dragons.

The story is that in July 2018, Dragon City launched an in-game event called “Race to Dragonverse”. Accordingly, the dragon Ygg-dra-sil is the guardian god of the forest in the Dragonverse, protecting the natural balance in the forest. However, a machine sucked the dragon’s energy, causing it to lose all its life force.

And when Ygg-dra-sil no longer holds its strength, the forest will gradually fade away. It begins with the Tree of Life at the center of the slowly dying forest.

And the last clue, it is in the description of the dragon Ankeror. As follows. The island was once ruled by the Giant Slugs. However, their rule, my hypothesis needs to be resolved.

1. Dragons have existed for a long time, even before people started raising dragons.

2. Dragonverse is the cradle of dragons, as well as the birthplace of Primitive dragons.

3. And finally, the world was almost destroyed by the invasion of the Giant Slug tribe. Fortunately, there are dragons to save humanity in time.

Although I know this is just a product of imagination from materials taken from Greek mythology based on the creativity of the writer, this show is really reasonable and attractive that you don’t want to know. should miss if you are a genuine longtime Dragon City player.

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